Punch Wall

As seen on the TV show Wipeout, the notorious Punch Wall throws automated punches at participants traversing a small ledge, but the experience is more like being hit with a throw pillow.

Pole Vault

Imagine climbing up a 12ft rockwall then launching over an 18ft wide stunt pad canyon to an inflatable slide. This Pole Vault features 2 lanes to keep people moving through at a fast pace and the mechanisms are stationary and automated so it can be used by people of any skill level. Truly Exhilarating!

Swingers Island

A 28X35ft pool beneath a 8ft platform that participants jump off of and grab a hold of a swinging punching bag that will swing them 18ft over to a floating island, landing and then exit off the platform.

Jumbo Flyer Slide

One of a kind 45ft high slide that drops participants down to a ramp, launches them off a ramp at the bottom and over our safety bag.The participants feel weightless but are only a few inches away from the inflatable!

Mount Slippery

15ft high, 30ft wide inflatable “mountain” with climbing ropes to assist participants up the slippery-faced inclines, where they slide down the other side.

Spinning Blocks

Motorized spinning blocks 8ft high, spanning 25ft that rotate slow enough for the runner to make the jump, but fast enough to be a challenge to make it to the other side without falling and landing on the stunt pad.

Dive N’ Slide

Inflatable 40ft flat water slide designed to have participants run hard and dive head first for the length of the slide to the pool at the end. Foam shoots over these features for added thrill.

Floating Sidewalks

A 30x30ft pool with inflatable floating blocks of different sizes to offer a challenge as participants traverse their way to the other side without falling into the water.

Zip’n Slide

A 20ft high zip-line over stunt bags where participants travel 35ft letting go just in time to drop down an inflatable slide. Should a participant fall prior to that point, they drop down on a safety stunt bag below.

The Juggler Naught

To be a Stunt Performer you have to know how to run, hop, skip and jump your way through danger. To prove you’re ready for our stunt show you simply have to run across a pool of water from one platform to another.

Simple enough right? Wrong! This is the stunt show and some fans want to see you fail! We’ve added floating lanes and giant soft rotating bowling pins to take you out!

Welcome to the JUGGLER NAUGHT!  Time to show’em what you got.

Crane not included.