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About Stunt Run

About The World's only Stunt Run!

The popularity of Nitro Circus and hit TV shows like Thrillbillies have inspired millions across the United States and world-wide to push the limits of professional and not so professional sports and activities.  The risk and reward trade-off of these stunts make them thrilling to watch but much too dangerous for most to attempt. 

By tapping into over 15 years of stunt production experience, we’ve brought the expertise previously only available to X Games athletes to the masses to give everyone the thrills they’ve been seeking!  Taking advantage of the incredible advancements in safety technology, you can now push the limits of possibilities just like professional stunt performers! We designed The 5k ThrillSeeker Stunt Run to feel more like a roller coaster than a run and put you in control of your ride!


5K ThrillSeekers Stunt Run

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